1) Sight

What you need

  • 2 AA batteries*
*Not provided

Step by Step

    1. Connect the wires from the battery casing onto the metal plate of the motor as shown. 

      2. Fit cardboard pieces 1 and 2 onto the opposite sides of the motor as shown. Note the position of 1 and 2.

      3. Poke the 4cm rod through the cylindrical gear, leaving a 1cm gap from the top. Next, put the round orange gear through the rod, leaving a 2cm gap from the other end.


        4. Poke another round orange gear through the 8cm rod, positioning it somewhere in the middle of the rod.

          5. Position the motor onto cardboard piece number 3 by positioning the "legs" of pieces 1 and 2 into the corresponding holes.

            6. Poke the 8cm rod through the outer hole on cardboard 3. Then, poke the 4cm rod (the side with the cylindrical gear) into the hole in between the motor and the 8cm rod. 

            7. Use the other cardboard 3 to sandwich the motor. Poke the rods through the corresponding holes on piece 3 then poke the "legs" of pieces 1 and 2 through the corresponding slots. Then secure by poking the stopper through the 2 rods. Leave a 1mm gap between the stopper and cardboard so that it would be easier for the rods to rotate later.

            8. Use double-sided tape to stick the battery casing onto piece number 4.

            9. Insert the stoppers into both piece of cardboard number 5 by pressing down firmly with your fingers.

            10. Use double-sided tape to stick piece number 5 onto the back of the wheel paper (plain white side). Make sure it is centralised. Repeat for the other piece. 

            11. Gently position both pieces of cardboard number 5 onto either side of the 8cm rod. The black and white design should be facing out. (Be careful not to poke through the wheel paper.)

            12. Stick the black base onto the base of your model.

            13. Insert batteries and you are done! 

             To troubleshoot, check the following:

            1) Are the gears engaged? If the gears are not engaged, the wheel will not move

            2) Are the wires touching the metal plate of the motor?

            3) There should be a 1mm gap between the stopper and the cardboard to allow for movement.




              What you need

              • Colour Cups 
              • Cards
              • Timer*

              *Optional, not provided

              How To Play 

              1. Shuffle the cards and the deck of cards faced down in the middle of the table.

              2. Flip a card over and stack the cups according to the colour and design on the card. You may time yourself and see if you can break your personal record.

              3. Challenge your friends and family - after you have stacked the cups, time your opponent and see who can arrange the cups correctly in the shortest amount of time.