3) Smell

What you need

  • Tea Bags

Step by Step

    1. Each pair of the same tea bags is packed in a zipper bag with the scent word labelled on it. E.g. citrus, woody, minty, etc

    2. Remove a pair of tea bags from one zipper bag.

    3. Smell the tea bags. What is the scent like? What does the scent make you think of? Are there any foods that you have tried with the same scent?

    4. Take a look at the scent word labelled on the zipper bag. Remember the word!

    5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 with the rest of the zipper bags.

    6. Mix up all the tea bags.

    7. Now, using your sense of smell, sniff out the tea bags with the same scent and put them back into the zipper bag with the correct scent word.

    8. Get an adult to check once you are done! 



      What you need

      • Spices
      • Palette*
      • Paintbrush*
      • Paper*
      • Water*

      *Not provided

      Caution: Do not rub your eyes after touching the spices.

        Step by Step

        1. Before you start, smell the spices. Describe what you smell. 

        2. Pour a small amount of each spice powder into different sections of the palette. 

        3. Add a little bit of water onto the spices (lesser water will give you stronger colours). 

        4. Now, you are ready to paint! 

        5. When you are done, smell your picture! 

        Extension Activities

        • Come up with suggestions for your own aromatic paint! Are there other items in your kitchen that might work as well? (Remember to check with your parents before using them).  
        • Different spices come from different countries. Ask your parents about the countries that these spices are most commonly used in.