Cling Wrap Process Art

What? We can use cling wrap for art? And process art at that?

What is Process Art?

Simply put, process art focuses on the process and not the product of art making. The process is child-led, dependent on the creativity and discovery of the child creator. Children are encouraged to explore the possibilities of materials provided and experiment with their own ideas.

Process art does not require elaborate set ups or rare materials. All parents need to do, is facilitate and support whatever the child dreams up.

Try out this simple but amazing craft to kickstart your process art journey with the kids! This is the extension activity for the Fantasy World Box, so expect to see some magic going on...


You will need

Cling wrap

Paint and paint brush



Step by step

1) Invert the stool. Wrap the cling wrap around the four legs of the stool.

2) Cover the top part of the inverted stool with cling wrap. (This is to be removed and replaced back again later.)

3) Draw on all four sides of the cling wrap using the paint you have prepared (make sure the paint is not too wet). If you have multiple children, get them to draw and rotate the stool to let each other add on to their sibling's work!

4) Remember to draw on the top cling wrap as well.

5) Leave to dry.

6) Once night falls, check that the paint has dried.

7) Remove the top cling wrap carefully. On the torch function of your handphone and place in on the inverted base of the stool.

8) Cover the top with the cling wrap you have removed.

9) Bring your stool into a dark room and watch your creation dance in the night!



When light is shines through the cling wrap, the opaque paint and creates a shadow on the wall.

During the whole process, the children draw what they'd like to draw, use the colours they'd like to use. In this journey of discovery, the children realised that the shadows formed only on the wall and not on the ceiling when they didn’t wrap the top part of the inverted stool with cling wrap. They were the ones who suggested adding a layer of cling wrap on top and painted on it so that images can be projected on the ceiling. That's process art for you!


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