Seashells Sensory Bin

Sensory play is important for early childhood development. It allows young children to actively learn by exploring and discovering using their five senses. 

Instructions for Seashells Sensory Bin

1) Soak the water beads in a tub of water for about 6 to 8 hours until they swell up to the size of a marble .
2) Pour away excess water.
3) Put the seashells in the tub
4) Use a spoon or ladle to scoop the seashells up one by one. 
5) Examine the seashells with the magnifying glass. Talk to your child about the details they see on the shells e.g. the colour, shape, size, how it feels.

Extend the learning by getting your child to sort the seashells by size, colour, shape or even texture.

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