Marble painting kit

What you need

- Painting tray - Colouring
- Dropper - Apron
- Painting needle - Painting Paper 
- Painting solution



Step by Step

  1.  Add water to the bottle of painting solution (fill to the brim). Cap the bottle and shake it to mix the solution. Next, pour it into the painting tray.
  2. Put on the apron. Select a bottle of colouring and hold it approximately 2cm above the painting solution. Gently squeeze the bottle to drop colouring on the painting solution.
  3. Wait for the colouring to spread before dropping the next colour.
  4. Using the painting needle, lightly draw strokes to create patterns.
  5. Gently place the painting paper on the pattern you have created. Wait for around 5 seconds then carefully lift the paper from the tray. Put aside to dry.


Instructional Video


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