5) Rainbow Craft

What you need

  • Pouch
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Large tray*
  • Dropper**
  • Cup**
*Not provided 

**Item provided in the previous activity

Step by Step

1. Soak the pouch in water and squeeze out any excess water.

2. Place the pouch on a large tray.

3. Put the coloured tissue paper on the pouch. Arrange the tissue paper to create any pattern that you want. (Tip: Try overlapping the different colours to create more colours)

4. Fill a cup with water. Put the dropper into the cup of water, squeeze the top and then release to fill the dropper with water.

5. Drop the water onto all the coloured tissue paper by squeezing the dropper.

6. Repeat until all the coloured tissue paper are wet. Then leave the pouch to dry overnight.

7. Once the pouch is dry, remove the coloured tissue paper to reveal your dyed rainbow pouch.



Tips For Older Children

  • You can draw your favourite animal on the pouch using a pencil and arrange the coloured tissue paper within the lines. 
  • Try overlapping the different colours to create more colours!
Share your creation with us and tag #squizzelbox on Instagram.  



    What you need

    • Paper roll
    • 3 Mirror strips
    • Glitter paper
    • Clear plastic circle
    • 2 plastic caps (1 with hole and 1 without) 
    • Rainbow sequins
    • Stickers

    Step by step

    1. Wrap the paper roll with the glitter paper. Secure it with the stickers provided.

    2. Peel off the protective layer on the 3 mirrors strips.

    3. Insert the mirror strips into the paper roll one by one, arranging them in the shape of a triangle. 

    4. Peel off the protective layer on the clear plastic circle and insert it into the cap. 

    5. Pour the rainbow sequins into the cap without hole before fitting it onto the end of the paper roll. Fit the other cap (with hole) onto the other end of the paper roll. 

    • Now your kaleidoscope is complete! Point your kaleidoscope at the window and peep through the end with the peep hole. What do you see? 
    • Turn your kaleidoscope to see the patterns change!