Why Squizzel Box?

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"A super value-for-money learning box packed with a parent's guide book, TEN themed educational activities to play & learn with your child!

... the BEST activity box based on value for money, educational value & creativity!..."

Denise & Sara (@beansplaybox) Mom Empower-ers | Mother of 1 and 2


"Interesting activities that are aimed to trigger the children no matter how young they are... even Desiree sat through all the activities with us!"

- Karen Ang (@chipsmunkmummy)   Early Childhood Lecturer | Mother of 3



Promotes Parent Child Bonding

"He got it as a birthday present from his godparents and he likes it so much! Great bonding for family too as we get to complete the task together."

- LeShon's mum (@daleney1246)    FTWM | Mother of 2


"Activity boxes solve the problem for busy parents since most of the materials are provided... I personally like how the step-by-step instructions and learning insights are neatly consolidated in one booklet."

- Jacinth Liew(@ourlittleplaynest)  Teacher, Parenting Coach |  Mother of 2



More than the Box

"余寶寶是個名副其實的每事問😅最鍾意問 “點解…”🤔這個寓學習於玩樂的 Squizzel Box 就最能滿足余寶寶的求知慾和好奇心了🤩"

- Ms Carley (@misscarleychan)  Early Childhood Speech Therapist, English Teacher  |  Mother of 2

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