Magic Potion

Create your own magic potion, sure to be a hit! Drop your yellow magic stone into the pink galaxy tear and watch it fizzle and fizz. 

What you need

1)For the pink galaxy tear

Pearl dust

food colouring




2) Yellow magic stone

Citric acid

baking soda

chamomile flower

one drop of yellow food colouring


Step by step

To create the pink galaxy tear, simply mix all the ingredients together and watch your potion sizzle! Smells really good too! 

To make the yellow magic stone, mix all the ingredients together (pssstttt this kid safe formula is used to make bath bombs too! Get our Soapy Fun box here to get your bath bomb set. ) You can also freeze it in the fridge for a different sensory feel. 

The magic comes when you drop the yellow magic stone into your pink galaxy tear potion. 

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