2) Hearing

What you need

  • Bird whistle
  • Colouring materials*
*Not provided

Step by Step

    1. Decorate the bottom part of your whistle with your favourite colours. (Be careful not to colour the top part where you will be blowing into.)

    2. Blow through the whistle and listen to the sound it makes.

    3. Now, move the stick up and blow through the whistle again. Is the sound the same?

    4. Move the stick down and do the same thing. Can you hear that the pitch has changed?

    Make your own tunes
    Slide the stick slowly for a classic comic sound effect, or rapidly to produce a bird's chirp! Try to play your favourite tune.




      What you need

      • Scissors*

      *Not provided

      Step by Step

      1. Using the screws provided (item 7), construct the frame of the xylophone as shown. Secure with the nuts (item 5) when completed.

      2. Using the longer screw (item 6), fasten the base (2 pieces of rectangular base to the frame you made in Step 1).


      3. Cut the 2 strings provided into 4 pieces each. There should be a total of 8 pieces of string. Thread the string through the coloured plates and secure to the frame with a knot. The longest plate should be secured on the bottom right of the frame. Tie according from the longest on the right to the shortest on the left. Repeat for the top layer.

      4. Poke the stick into the hole in the glass ball to create your xylophone stick. Tap the plates lightly to start making some lovely music!