5) Touch

What you need

  • Egg carton
  • Texture bag
  • Clay
  • Black marker*
  • Blindfold/ towel*
*Not provided

Play idea (Categorise)

    1. Using a marker, label each "pocket" of the egg carton with these words - rubbery, fluffy, squishy, rough, smooth, soft, hard, sharp, bumpy. 

    2. Pick 1 item from the texture bag. touch and explore the item. How does it feel? 

    3. Look for the word in the "pocket" of the egg carton that reflects the texture of the item and put the item inside. E.g. Sandpaper is rough. Put the sandpaper in the "pocket" labelled 'rough'.

    4. Continue with the rest of the items in the texture bag.

    5. Do you realise that nothing in the bag is 'bumpy'? Look around the house for something bumpy to put in your texture crate! Try a.... piece of bubble wrap!


    Play idea (Mystery Bag)

      1. Cover your eyes with a blindfold or towel. Put one hand into the bag and feel any one object inside.

      2. Describe to your buddy how the object feels like. Try to use words that you have learnt like 'rough', 'smooth' etc. You can also describe the shape and size of the object. Is it hot or cold? Thick or thin? Hard or soft?

      3. Finally, both you and your buddy will guess what's inside the bag. Are you able to guess correctly?


      Did you know?
      An item can be both rubbery and smooth or rough and hard. There are many adjectives that can be used to describe one item. What other adjectives can you think of?




        What you need

        • Same materials as the 'Texture Crate' activity
        • Any other materials you can find at home*

        *Not provided


          Step by Step

          1. Mold the modelling clay into any shape and form you want.

          2. Choose any materials you want from the texture crate and stick them into the molded clay to complete your very own Texture Sculpture!


          Challenge yourself

          Blindfold your friend and get your friend to feel your texture sculpture gently. Hide the sculpture away get your friend to draw the sculpture on a piece of paper. Does it look like what you created? Take turns - get your friend to build a texture sculpture and then it's your turn to feel and draw!