Balancing games

In another "harder than it looks" series, try out this balancing game with your little ones. It's a test of balance, coordination, control, teamwork and.. patience!

What you need

Skipping rope

Paper cups

Ping pong balls

Two players



Play suggestions

Player 1 will hold on to both handles of the rope. Player 2 will hold on to the loop. Player 2 will release the ping pong ball. Player 1 will control the handles to release the ball into every cup. Count how many times Player 1 is able to score in one minute. When the time is up, it will be Player 2's turn to control the handles.

To level up, colour code the cups and the balls and release the coloured ball into the corresponding cup.


Did you know?

All Squizzel boxes come with an instructional booklet - there are alternative play suggestions for some activities to cater to different development stages.

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