Make your own Snowglobe

Create your own DIY snowglobe with simple materials you can find around your home! 




 What you need

Disposable plastic container 

Styrofoam board/ balls


Christmas decor for your globe 

Blower (we used the bubble blower from the Fantasy World Box)

plasticine or tape

Step by Step

1) Get your 'snow' ready. If you have a styrofoam board, break it up to get styrofoam balls. Keep some large pieces to line the inside of the globe. 

Tip: You can colour some styrofoam balls to make coloured snow for your snowglobe!

2) Cut a hole that is the size of the blower outlet on the base of the plastic container.

3) Line the outlet with plasticine or tape.

4) Stick the large styrofoam pieces around the hole you have cut. 

5) Decorate your snow globe. You can add little trees, houses, a snowman or even a santa sleigh.

6) Load your styrofoam balls into the snow globe.

7) Cover the plastic container.

8) Put your snowglobe on the blower and turn the blower on.


a) If the snow doesn't move, you may need more snow.

b) Poking small holes around the snowglobe might also help in air circulation.