Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

Here's how we kill two birds with one stone - we occupy the kids with some stamping fun and later use personalised wrapping paper to wrap up gifts for our loved ones!

What you need

Potato Paintbrush
Kitchen knife  Markers
Paint Brown or white paper


Step by step (Christmas tree stamping)

1. Cut the potato into half.

2. Cut out a Christmas tree shape from the potato using the kitchen knife. (You can simply cut out a triangle with a rectangle (trunk) below for easier cutting.)

3. Paint the tree on your potato in a green colour.

4. Place the potato on the brown paper and press firmly. Carefully peel off the card. Tip: You can use a brush to fill in any "holes" if the image is not stamped properly, or simply stamp again.

5. You may decorate by drawing Christmas baubles on your tree.

You can follow the steps above for a reindeer stamp too! Simply replace step 2 by cutting out the basic oval shape of a reindeer's head and draw in the eyes, ears and a cute little red nose!