DIY animation and Mini Book

Did you enjoy the activities in the Circus Box? I can see you are back for more! Clowns are important characters in the circus because they make the audiences laugh. They have many skills and one of them is juggling. Watch your circus clown come to live through this simple DIY craft! (psst.. movies in the past were made this way too!)


What you need  Step by step

Juggling Clown Printout


Colouring Materials

  • Colour the juggling clown in the printout.
  • Fold the printout into half, then another half, then half again (into eight parts).
  • Open the printout and keep it folded in half. 
  • Cut along the line as shown in the video.
  • Open up the printout, and close it back (as seen in the video) to make a mini book.
  • Flip the pages as quickly as you can and observe the clown's hands and eyes move!


What else moved? You can write a story on the blank pages as well!

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Got your printout? Follow the instructions to make your own mini book and DIY animation in the video below. 

 Now that you can make your own mini book, you can create your own story! 

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