Early Childhood Fire Safety Lessons

Although the little ones are too young to become fire fighters, they can do their part by practising basic fire safety rules at home. Instead of just telling, here are 3 ways we can help our little ones better understand fire safety rules and avoid potential dangers.

1) Hands off - Show your little ones objects that are safe to touch and objects that are not safe to touch. You can also use pictures instead of objects. Sort the objects into "Safe to Touch" and "Not Safe to Touch". Share ideas about why each of the objects are under a certain category. 


2) Stay away from the source of fire (campfire, stove etc) - To make sure that your little ones stay at least an arm's length away from the source of fire, you can start with pretend play, say a pretend campfire (Check out our Camping Adventures Box for this activity!). Emphasize on sitting away from the pretend campfire while you sing your campfire songs and roast the campfire goodies.


3) Know the drill - Stop, Drop and Roll. To help children remember this drill should their clothes catch fire, practise! We remember much better by doing rather than simply watching or listening.  


In these three ways, we show and not tell. It is a visual way to teach the little ones to keep their hands off matches, lighters or anything fire related. Also, remind them that they can always look for an adult to help!