Exploring AR - Fighting a Dinosaur

Young children learn most from experiences. They absorb the sights and sounds, and gain the vocabulary required in any given environment to communicate with others.  Find out how augmented reality (AR) - immersive 360 environments can benefit our little ones!

Complements real world learning

AR complements real world exploration. After a trip to the zoo, you can use AR to visit animal habitats, for example, to learn more about the animals in their natural environment.

Safe environment to explore

Use AR to bring your child into a safe world to explore objects, people and the surroundings. It is an additional tool to provide an immersive environment to support speaking and listening, building of vocabulary and sentence structures.

Opens doors to new worlds

How many of us have been to space or seen a dinosaur? With AR, we can. AR opens up doors to places and allows the young ones to explore new places which they would otherwise not have the opportunity to visit.

With Squizzel Box themed monthly subscription boxes, we explore different themes, some out of this world (literally) - think Space Exploration and Dinosaur Land. Complement your child's learning experience with an AR app to complete the whole experience. There are AR apps available online - the Monster Park AR app is one of them. 

Now, who says we can't have fun when we're home?