Make your own Pterodactyl

Create your own flying Pterodactyl in this extension activity for the Dinosaur Land Box.

What you need





Clothes peg

Step by step video


Step by step

1. Cut out the sticky part of the post-it.

2. Fold the remaining part of the post-it in half.

3. Draw the online of half the Pterodactyl.

4. Cut out the Pterodactyl.

5. Draw your own design or colour the Pterodactyl.

6. You can add the crest head of the Pterodactyl using the post-it that you have cut.

7. Stick the Pterodactyl on the clothes peg.

8. Fold the 'v' part as shown to make the mouth.

9. Staple the sticky part of the post-it onto the wings as shown in the video.

10. Now your Pterodactyl is ready to fly! 

Tip: Use a bigger piece of paper if the post-it is too small for your child to handle.

Did you know: The Pterodactyl is known as the flying dinosaur, but it really is a flying reptile!

Birds on the other hand, are modern day dinosaurs descended from the theropods (a group of meat-eating dinosaurs).