Making Colourful Dino Eggs

In this extension activity for the Dinosaur Land box, we are going to make colourful Dino eggs which are not just colourful, but also magical!

We used chicken eggs for this activity, because as you know, birds are descendants of dinosaurs!

You will need

Raw eggs (1 is good enough but we like variety, so we used 3)

Glasses big enough to fit the eggs

Food colouring 


A bottle of vinegar

Step by Step

1. Put an egg into each glass.

2. Fill the glass with vinegar to completely submerge the egg.

3. Observe what happens to the egg over time. Do you see bubbles forming on the surface of the egg?  

4. Using the dropper, drop some food colouring  into the glass filled with vinegar.

5. Leave to the next day. Check back and see if the egg is translucent.

6. If it translucent, take the egg(s) out from the glass and rinse under tap water. Gently pull away the egg shell as you rinse the egg.

7. Try dropping the egg from about 2cm from the table. Next, go higher and see your egg bounce! These colourful Dino eggs are amazing, aren't they?

 Learn: Bubbles formed on the surface of the egg because the vinegar is dissolving the egg shell. This reaction causes carbon dioxide bubbles to form.

The egg shell softens as it gets dissolved. When you rinse the egg, what remains is the thin layer beneath the egg shell which protects the egg from bacteria and dust.