My Very Own Dinosaur

Which is your favourite dinosaur from the Dinosaur Land box?

Have you noticed that dinosaur names end with the suffix -saurus? The giant fossils of dinosaurs reminded scientists of bones from lizards. This is why they used the Greek word sauros, which means "lizard" to name the dinosaurs. 

Since then, we now know that dinosaurs were not really giant lizards. They are in fact, ancestors of birds. However, they still have their original names. Now, let's create your very own dinosaur and name it after you!

Note to parents: Unleash the creativity in your child! Feel free to use body-safe paint and add on a handprint instead. 

You will need

Construction paper




Step by Step

1) Trace out your hand on a piece of construction paper.

2) Cut out the handprint and paste it onto another piece of construction paper of drawing block.

3) Using a marker, add in the head and spikes if you like!

4) Draw the eyes and mouth of your

5) Cut out small spots from some construction or coloured paper to decorate your dinosaur.

5) Decorate the background of your masterpiece.

6) Now, name your dinosaur after you! Remember to add the suffix -saurus behind!