Plants with Eggmotions

Eggs are a major farm produce and they are a good source of protein. The benefits don't stop there. Did you know that eggshells are beneficial to our gardens? They are a great source of calcium and minerals and can be used to make compost. What's more, snails and slugs hate eggshells - they are a good way to protect unwanted visitors to your garden!

Here's a simple activity to liven your home with your very own customised eggmotion "pots". Gather your tools and let's get planting!

What you need

Saved Eggshells (washed and dried)


Egg carton

Starting soil


Step by step

1. After ensuring that your eggshells are dry, use a marker to draw faces on your eggshells. You can draw a face to represent each family member, a favourite cartoon character or even write postive quotes.

2. Fill your eggshells with starting soil ( the lighter kind so that the roots can grow freely.)

2. Add the seeds and gently push down the seeds beneath the surface of the soil. Do not push them too deep into the soil. 

3. Gently place the eggmotion eggshells onto an egg carton to keep it standing.

4. Sprinkle water on your seeds. Use a spray if you have one. Keep the soil moist but not too wet. 

5. Place the carton tray at a sunny spot and watch your seedlings sprout!

6. Transfer your seedlings to a pot when it needs more space to grow. Simply put the eggmotion eggshell into a pot that has been filled with potting soil. Add more potting soil to cover the eggshell.

Thanks Jean for allowing us to share this great idea. Keep your ideas for extension activities coming guys! We love hearing from our subscribers!