Sheep Shearing

Just a while ago, we shared about the calming benefits of sensory play here

Touching soft and smooth textures help to calm the mind. In this simple sheep shearing activity, we use soft and fluffy cotton balls to activate the sense of touch. At the same time, learn about more about sheep in the farm and why they are sheared.

What you need

Cotton balls




double-sided tape

Step by step

1) Draw the outline of your sheep.

2) Unroll the cotton balls into cotton strips. 

3) Line double-sided tape on the the sheep's body.

4) Stick the cotton strips onto the sheep's body, layer by layer.

5) Now, you are ready to shear the sheep! Use your scissors to trim away the long cotton strips. 


We keep sheep in our farms mainly for their wool, which is used to make clothes and bedding material. 

Sheep are usually sheared once a year. Shearing prevents risks of the sheep overheating. It also prevents parasites from hiding in the sheep's fleece. 

 Sheep shearers use professional tools to shear sheep.


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