Flashlight Activity

We have repurposed this popular flashlight activity to thank all Mothers for their sacrifice and love for their families.


You can repurpose this activity to build on literacy and speech skills.

Here are some ideas on what to draw:

animals - get your little ones to shine the torch on the animal that you name

letters - shine the torch on the given letter sound

numbers - shine the torch on the correct answer for say, 2 + 3

The possibilities are endless!

Let's find out what you will need for this simple activity!

 What you need

white paper

black paper

plastic sheet (plastic folder, laminating plastic or even Squizzel Box activity packaging will do!) 



Step by Step

1) Slip a piece of white paper underneath the plastic sheet.

2) Draw your images on the plastic sheet and colour.

Squizzel Box flashlight activity image

3) Replace the white paper with black paper.

4) Make a torch using the white paper that you have just removed.

5) Place the torch in between the black paper and the plastic sheet.

Now, you are ready to shine light into the darkness! What do you see?


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