Tell Time Using Your Hands

Yes, we all have clocks, watches and handphones to tell time. No harm learning this valuable skill of telling time without clocks though. What's more, this simple activity requires only your hands and it helps to build counting skills!

This technique tells you how much daylight is remaining. 

Step by step

1. Find a clear view of the sun and the horizon.

2. Line up your hand with the horizon. With either hand, hold your arm with your palm facing you. 

3. Stack other palm (also facing you) upwards, towards the sun if there is still space. Continue stacking until you reach the horizon. *Leave the thumbs out of the stacking.

Photo credit: WikiHow

4. Count the number of hands it takes to get to the horizon. The number of hands it takes is the number of hours left til sunset. If you count 3 hands, there are 3 hours remaining til sunset.

Tip: If you try to stack your hands but realise that there is only a finger-width space between the horizon and the sun, there is only 15 minutes left to sunset. Each finger represents 15 minutes.

Try this and let us now if it is a good estimate!

There are many other ways to tell the time without clocks. You can also use a sundial! Check out the Lights and Shadows box here to build your own sundial and explore how the shadows help us to tell time. All set to go camping now that telling the time in the wild doesn't faze you? Get your Camping Box here to complete the experience.