Dental Health Activity for Kids

1) What effects do different drinks have on our teeth?

2) Why is it important to brush our teeth?

Find out the answers to these questions through this two-part activity, and explore steps such as prediction and observation.

You will need

2 eggs

2 cups

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Coloured carbonated drink (eg cola)


Watch the Step by Step video below.

Here are some ways you can level up your activity by encouraging thinking skills. 

Prediction: Before the start of each activity, cultivate the habit of predicting what would happen through questioning (eg What do you think will happen?)

Observation: Encourage the use of five senses in the activity. Ask questions like "What do you see/ hear/ feel/ smell/ taste?" within safety boundaries - Tasting is not necessary in this activity.  

Conclusion: Ask your child what he/she remembers and what he/she has learnt. Help them draw connections between their findings and their own lives. For example, ask which drinks are better for their teeth, and why we should use the toothpaste to brush our teeth?

 Here are some learning points that Little S gathered:

"Sugary drinks are bad for the teeth."

"Some of these drinks will stain our teeth."

"We need toothpaste to properly clean our teeth."

"We need to brush your teeth long enough and use the right amount of strength to properly clean our teeth - If we use light strokes, stains will not be removed. If we brush too hard, the egg will crack - ours gums will be damaged."


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