What Goes On In the Stomach? (A visual session on digestion)

How does our stomach digest food? Find out and see it for yourself in this simple hands-on extension activity for the Little Doctors Box.

You can help your child see the link between this activity and the digestion system by doing this activity together with the digestive system model in the Little Doctors Box.

You will need

1 zipper bag




  Step by step


1) Using the marker, draw the outline of the stomach on the zipper bag.

2) Put the cracker into the bag. Before the cracker enters the stomach, it is already broken into small pieces when we chew it with our teeth.

3) Add in soda. The small pieces of food in the stomach get mixed with our stomach acids and breaks down into even smaller pieces.

4) Mix and mash the food with the soda. (Great sensory activity for young children - bonus: the mess is contained in the zipper bag)

5) After some time, the food will travel to the small intestine and digestion continues there. 


This fun activity is a great sensory activity for kids. You can try this activity with other kinds of food as well! Let them see for themselves how food is broken down step by step.

We like that it can keep the young ones entertained while smashing is going on, and the mess is contained in the zipper bag. What's more, this is sure to excite because the end product looks rather unsavory... a texture the young ones are intrigued with.