Make a Wind Tube

What can fly? What makes things fly? Do all things fly the same way?

Let's make a wind tube to find out! A wind tube is a great way to see how moving air affects objects. 

Not only is this simple activity fun, it also develops early science skills through allowing the little ones to

- explore airflow, resistance, gravity and turbulence

- make observations and test predictions

What's more, the older children can test out variables such as weight, shape, surface area and other add-ons such as fins that allow objects to fly differently in the wind.

You will need

A hairdryer

Long transparent plastic bag (those provided by shopping centres to hold umbrellas) 

Objects you would like to test (feather, pinwheel, ping pong balls, golf balls, figurines etc. - anything you can think of that would fit)

Step by Step

1) Make sure the opening of the plastic bag can fit snuggly around the mouth of the hairdryer. 

2) Put one object into your wind tube and hold the plastic bag tightly around the hairdryer. You can also use a rubber band to keep the plastic bag in place. 

3) Turn on the hairdryer (use the cool setting and start from the lowest fan speed).

Putting everyday objects to the test leads to unexpected results and creative ideas to use these items! 

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