Making Magnetic Slime

Have you ever heard of the black slimy monster that eats metal, swallowing them whole? Sounds like an alien scene.. which you can recreate in your own home! 

Credits to @7daysofplay for this magical magnetic slime activity. 

What you need

White glue


Black iron oxide powder (You can also use those from the "Iron Filing Monster" and "Underwater Creature" activity in the Magnet Mania Box)

A Neodymium magnet

Step by step

1) Combine 1/4 cup glue and 1/4 cup water

2) Add iron oxide power (to be done by adults!)

3) Add 1/4 liquid starch

4) Stir until combined

5) Now the slime is ready for experimentation, so grab your ultra powerful magnet (neodymium) and enjoy!

TIPS and Caution from Mama Michelle from @7daysofplay

An ordinary magnet will not work for this. The neodymium magnet is extremely powerful so do NOT play with 2 of these at the same time - get just one!

This activity is not taste safe and must be supervised. 

Do note the safety precautions and you are ready for some alien fun!