DIY Pattern Blocks

I thought that I had exhausted play ideas for pattern blocks, but I discovered that another pattern was created when I stepped away. These blocks from the Exploring Patterns box can be repurposed for more fun and mind-boggling patterns.

Find out how to level up your open-ended play using the wooden blocks below!

What you need



Cubes (25 is needed to form patterns and create variations)

Paint with contracting colour acrylic paint

Step by Step

1) Use ruler and pencil to draw a diagonal line across one side of each cube.

2) Paint the triangles with contrasting colours using acrylic paint. 

3) Repeat for at least 25 cubes

There you have it - minutes of work, days of fun!

For the younger ones

Create patterns for the little ones to follow. You can start with fewer blocks, build in a linear fashion, then squarish, or even upwards!

For the older ones

The older children can create their own patterns. Challenge them to create a pattern every day. Get them to think out of the box by building upwards. 

Extend this activity by painting all 6 sides of the cubes. Stack them up vertically to form 3D patterns. Create a pattern on one side, and look at the other side to check out your creation.

If you do not have the Exploring Patterns box, use any wooden cubes of the same size (about 1 inch sides) to start your activity.