Patterns in Nature - Nature Scavenger Hunt

Patterns are every where in nature. These patterns are not random, but are a result of how they grow and are organised. 

To start exploring patterns in nature with your child, here are some book recommendations to explore patterns on plants and animals around us: 

  • A Star in My Orange by Dana Meachen Rau
  • Swirl By Swirl by Joyce Sidman
  • Growing Patterns by Sarah Campbell
  • Bees, Snails, and Peacock Tails by Betsy Franco
  • Pattern Fish by Trudy Haris

Once your child has had the concept of the different pattern types, head outdoors on a nature scavenger hunt to look for these patterns: 

1) Stars

2) Spheres

3) Spirals

4) Coils

5) Branch

6) Cracking


How many patterns did you find? You can also take photos for your nature journal. Can't get enough of patterns? Get the Exploring Patterns box here to create your own pattern crafts and experiments.