Rainforest Extension Activity - Action Song & Animal Movement Fun

Action Song

1. Imagine you are in a rainforest and it is raining heavily. Sing the action song “I Hear Thunder” and use the rain stick instrument that you made from Squizzel Box to create the sound of rain.

What you need
Step by step

"I Hear Thunder" Lyrics

Rain stick 

  • Get your sibling or parent to shake the rain stick and create the sound of rain.
  • Click on the link to download and print the lyrics of the song "I Hear Thunder".
  • Sing the song and follow the actions in brackets.
  • You may listen to the tune of the song at this link


Animal Movement Fun

2. Imagine your house is a rainforest, pretend to be animals and get a good workout. Learn about the sounds and movement of rainforest animals while having lots of fun. 

What you need
Step by step

Animal Movement Printable



  • Click on the link to download the Printable and print on thick card stock paper.
  • Cut out the templates, fold along the inside lines and glue the sides together to form a cube. Make 2 cubes. 
  • Take turns with your sibling or parent to toss the cube. Name the rainforest animal, read and act out the movement of the animal. Imitate the sound that the animal makes.
  • Next level of play: Play a game of charades by acting out the animal movement and get your sibling or parent to guess the animal. 


Adult guide: Engage in conversation as your child acts out each animal - ask about certain sounds like during the monkey swing, “What sound does a monkey make?” You can also get your little one talking with questions about the animal they are pretending to be. How does it look like? What sound does it make? How does it move? Which layer of the rain forest do they live? Do they like water?

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