Bubble in a bubble in a bubble

Bubbles are always fascinating - their fragile nature, beautiful changing colours and ability to soar, never fail to delight. 

But did you also know that they provide us the opportunity to engage in observation, experimentation, investigation and discovery? Try out this simple experiment to learn the science behind bubbles!

What you need

Sugar, Water and dishwashing soap for the bubble solution

2 Cups



Wet surface

Step by step

1) First, we make our bubble solution! Add one tablespoon full of sugar into a cup of water. Stir well.

2) Add three tablespoonful of dishwashing soap into the sugar solution and stir well. Now, you have your bubble solution!

3) Find a smooth surface (we used the kitchen countertop) and wet the surface. You are now ready to make your bubble in a bubble in a bubble!

4) Dip your straw into the bubble solution and slowly blow a bubble. Make it as big as you can without it popping.

5) Gently poke your straw through the large bubble and start blowing gently. Once, you are done, gently withdraw the straw.

6) Repeat and see how many bubbles in a bubble you can make!

For older kids, get them to predict what will happen to the bubble when you first blow it onto a dry surface, and later what will happen when you blow onto the wet surface. Challenge each other to see who can create the most bubbles in a bubble!

Younger kids can try to create bubble animals - the sky's the limit!


A bubble is air wrapped in a layer of soap film. Soap film is made of a layer of soap, water and soap. Water is sandwiched between the soap layers. A bubble pops when the outer soap skin becomes too thin due to the evaporation of the water layer. 

Bubbles will not pop when the surface is wet or if it gets into contact with something wet. The wet surface of the countertop prevents the evaporation of the water trapped between the soap layers, so the bubble doesn't pop!

Now, try dipping your dry finger into the bubble. What happens? What should we do to stop the bubble from popping when we put our finger inside? Hmmmm....

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