How to make a Bubble Snake

If your little ones enjoy blowing bubbles, they are sure to have a ball of a time making bubble snakes! Have got left over bubble solution from your Soapy Fun box? Try this simple but cool project at home!

What you need

Penknife or scissors

Plastic bottle

rubber bands

Old sock

bubble solution

Step by Step

1) Use a penknife or scissors to cut off the bottom half of the plastic bottle.

2) Stretch out the sock and slide it over the cut opening. Use rubber bands to secure the sock.

3) Dip the sock into bubble solution.

4) Blow through the other end of the bottle. 


Try blowing gently first. What do you see? A big ball of bubbles appear. Blow harder this time, a snake appears! When you blow through your bubble snake maker, air flows through the small holes in the sock and bubbles escape. They stick to each other when they emerge, producing the long snake that you see!