What's in the night sky?

Have you ever seen the beautiful auroras? These curtains of dancing light are are awe-inspiring and unforgettable to those who have witnessed it.

They are formed when the solar wind particles from the Sun follow Earth’s magnetic field to our planet’s north and south poles. Eventually the particles crash into gases in our atmosphere. All that energy is then released as light! 

Bring the aurora closer to you with this simple craft!

You need:

Black construction paper (or paint your drawing paper black)

aurora template

Pastel crayon

Tissue paper

Step by step

1) Trace out the aurora template with your pastel crayon. 

2) Use tissue paper to push out the colours so that it spreads out.

3) Move the template and repeat.

4) Create your own pattern by tracing as many lines as you like! You can also use different colours to make your creation pop!

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