Magic Broomstick

What unique forms of transportation can you think of? In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, we have decided to give our take on the magic broomstick. Watch the instruction video to see how the magic broomstick transports the witch around! 

What you need 

Paper plate

Grey crayon

Coloured paper


glue or tape

ice-cream stick

Step by step

1) Decorate the flying area on the paper plate. We coloured the background with grey crayons and added a full moon to give the scene a mysterious feel. (We got carried away and added buildings later on. :)))

2) Cut out shapes to create the outline of the witch using your favourite colours.

3) Glue the shapes together to form the witch. You can also add in facial features such as eyes and mouth.

4) To make the broomstick, roll a piece of paper as shown in the video. Cut another piece of paper (with fringe) and roll it around the stick.

5) Let the witch ride on the broomstick by gluing them together.

6) Tape or glue the witch onto a ice-cream stick.

7) Cut a trail for the witch on the paper plate. (You can do a straight line for the younger ones. Or a more challenging zig zag trail for older kids.)

8) Insert the ice-cream stick down into the cut trail.

9) Now, your witch can enjoy the skyline as she zips around town!

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