Easter bunny craft

In the "Under My Feet" box, we learn about a whole new world that exists underground and meet some insects and creatures that live underground. In this extension activity, we are going to meet another creature that lives underground.

Did you know that most rabbit species in the wild live in underground burrows that they dig? 

Try out this easter bunny craft shared by @play_with_abby!

What you need










Step by Step

Easter egg

1) Blow up a balloon and tie.

2) Layer the tissue on the balloon and spray water to make sure it sticks. Repeat until you have about 6 to 8 layers.

3) Decorate the egg using paint. Leave to try. It may take up to 4 days for the egg to be completely dry.

4) Once dried, cut the tie of the balloon. It will deflate into the egg.

 5) Cut a zig-zag design across the egg and remove the balloon.


Easter bunny

1) Colour the cardboard by drawing stripes (or design your own bunny).

2) Draw the outline of the bunny's ears, head and body. Separately, draw the four limbs.

3) Cut out the outline of the main body and limbs.

4) Poke a small hole in each limb (for the string) and poke a bigger hole under the small hole (for the fastener).

5) Poke four holes in the body.

6) Fasten the limbs to the body using the fastener.

7) Cut the string into 3 pieces. Then connect as shown.

8) Now, the rabbit's limbs moves when you tug on the string.

Hop on to our IG to watch the video on how to create this pretty bunny craft!