Underwater Creature Sightings

Many creatures live underwater. They have different feeding habits, they swim and interact differently. Some are social creatures, while others like to be alone. Learn about three benefits of watching the (underwater) world go by 

Calming effect

Just looking at an aquarium helps to reduce stress and anxiety in both adults and children. Aquariums often have a surreal quality, bringing us to a totally different world. This brings us to the next point.

Sparks Imagination

Generally, most land animals are vastly different from sea animals. There are unusual life forms, with diverse shapes, colours and textures that provide inspiration for our imagination. 


Science process skills 

One can develop a keen eye by observing how these creatures move and interact. They will notice that some fishes travel in a group while others are solitary.


Terras travelling in a group

The little ones can start simply by counting the number of fishes in the tank, Furthermore, watch science concepts come to life!. For example, invite your child to take a close look at water plants. If you are observant enough, you will spot bubbles, indicating the gaseous exchange. The plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide in the day, while the reverse happens at night. 




Sounds interesting? You can set up a kid-friendly aquarium to reap these benefits and more. Alternatively, visit your nearest aquarium to let the kids watch, learn and develop an appreciation for nature and the wonders it brings!