Make a Water Whistle

In case you are wondering, this is not a picture of little S drinking from the straw. She is blowing on her water whistle as part of learning extension from the Water Box.

Gather your materials and join her!

What you need

A glass of water



Step by Step

1) Using a pair of scissors, cut a small slit through the straw a couple of inches from the top. Make sure that there is a small piece of straw left uncut. 



2) Bend the straw into a right angle.

3) Place the long part of the star into a glass of water.

4) Gently blow into the straw, makin sure that you keep it at a right angle.

5) When you get a sound, try lifting the straw in and out of the water.

What do you hear?


The air inside the straw vibrates when we blow through it. When we blow through the shorter section of the straw, air is directed across the top of the longer straw segment. When the air in the longer segment vibrates and creates a whistling sound. 

For the older ones


a) Creating different pitches. The pitch of the sound depends on the amount of air in the straw. When you dip the straw into the water, there is less air in the straw and a higher pitch is created. Pull the straw higher to get a lower pitch.

b) Different sized straws and hear the difference in the sounds you create!

c) Making a familiar tune with what you have learnt!

Check out our IG page here to hear the tune little L makes.