Seashell Imprints

Get hands-on and explore patterns through seashell imprints! This is a fun, mess-free activity to occupy your little ones with on the weekends. 

    Credits: Instagram @alienoflashcards

    What you need 

    1. Seashells

    2. Play-dough



    Step by Step

    1. Have a fun family outing to the beach! It is the perfect spot for a picnic on sunny weekend afternoon. During your trip, you and your little ones can have a seashell hunt to look out for seashells to bring home for this activity! 

    2. Prepare play-dough that can be of different colours. Flatten your play-dough on a flat surface. 

    3. Press the outer side of your seashell gently on your flat play-dough and remove it. 

    4. What kind of patterns or textures can you see? 

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