Build a Blanket Fort

Allow kids to create their very own private chrysalis. Through fort building, children develop problem solving and planning skills. Building this with others also helps them to learn to cooperate and negotiate. A fort also offers stress-release, a place for your child’s imagination to run wild and daydream, while offering lots of exercise!


What you need  Step by Step
  • Blankets or bedsheets
  • Clothes peg or some heavy books
  • 4 chairs
  • Comforter or mattress
  • Soft toys, cushions or pillows                                        

      1) Place a comforter or mattress on the floor to add cushioning to the floor of the fort. You can even add soft toys and pillows to make the fort extra comfy.

      2) Arrange 2 rows of chairs with the backs facing each other. If you do not have enough chairs to support the fort, you can also use furniture of different heights such as sofas and bookshelves to create some high and low places in the fort.

      3) Drape a bedsheet over the furniture pieces. Use dark sheets to create a dark, mysterious environment inside the fort or use a light coloured sheet to allow light to pass through.

      4) Clip on the clothes peg as you go along so that the blankets do not slip off. You can also place heavy books on the bedsheets for additional support.


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