Firefly, Light Up the Sky

The light emitted by fireflies never fails to fascinate us.  In this month’s Camping Adventures box, our thematic book – The Very Lonely Firefly by The World of Eric Carle introduces us to various night time creatures. 

Story Synopsis: Written in rhyme, a firefly casts its mesmerising glow on nocturnal animals hiding in the shadows. Finally, when the firefly is ready for bed, who takes over the job of lighting up the sky?

Create your own firefly and watch it light up!


What you need

  • Plastic easter egg
  • Flameless LED tealight (provided in Camping Box)
  • plant stem or straw
  • Googly eyes
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Glue

    Step by Step  

    1) Make the firefly's antenna by using glue to attach the straw onto the top part of the easter egg. 

    2) Attach 6 short plant stems onto the firefly's body (the firefly is an insect with 6 legs!) These will be its legs. You can put 2 legs on the front part and 4 legs on the lower part of the easter egg.

    3) Stick on googly eyes or coloured paper to make the firefly's eyes.



    4) Cut out two wings using aluminium foil and stick the wings onto the firefly's body.

    5) Now, the firefly is ready to glow. Turn on the flameless LED light and pop it into the easter egg.


     Psst, did you know that fireflies can be found in Singapore?

    In Singapore, fireflies can be found in various habitats, particularly in mangroves and freshwater swamps. Some species also like hovering around bushes or green parks. Fireflies love humidity, you can best spot them right after sunset, a couple of hours after rain.

    It is not easy to spot fireflies in Singapore because they thrive in undisturbed habitats.  Currently, restorative measures have been taken to enhance the fireflies’ habitat in the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

    Through observation of a firefly, children can also learn the parts of an insect and even try to figure out the part of the firefly that lights up.

    The Camping Box provides just the right tools your child needs to develop essential observation skills. Order your Camping Adventures Box here!