Mystery Sound Tubes

Put your sense of sound to the test with this simple challenge! Guess what's in the Mystery Sound Tubes using your amazing sense of sound!¬†ūüé∂

What you need 

1. 5 or more empty toilet rolls

2. Colour Paper

3. Tape

4. Markers

5. Mystery sound items*

- Rice

- Pom Poms 

- Small Bells 

- Marbles

- Cut-up Straws

- Small Pebbles 

- Beans

- Seashells

*You may choose any 5 of the Mystery Sound Items, or add in some of your own! 

Step by Step

1. Use the colour paper to wrap around the toilet roll and cover one end of it. Secure it with tape. 

2. Put your selected mystery sound items through the open end of the toilet roll. Seal it shut with the colour paper and secure it with tape. 

3. Number your mystery sound tube on the colour paper. 

4. Repeat the process with all of your mystery sound tubes. 

5. Invite your child to shake each mystery sound tube and guess what item is inside! If your child is older, you may invite them to record down their guesses on a piece of paper. 

Optional: After the game, invite your child to decorate the mystery sound tubes with the markers. You may use them as shakers for exploring music and movement. 

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