Filter Paper Rainbow

Do you know that you can create a colourful rainbow from black ink? Try the experiment and see the magic unfold right before your eyes!

Filter Paper Rainbow

What you need
Step by step
  • Filter paper*
  • Black water-based marker
  • Small bowl
  • Water

*You may use coffee filter.

    1) Draw a thick circle around the centre of the filter paper.

    2) Fold the filter in half and then in half again.

    3) Fill ¼ of the bowl with water. Put the filter paper into the bowl with the tip of the triangle in the water.

    4) Pull apart the filter paper so it balances right on the bowl. Make sure the marker circle does not touch the water.

    5) Watch as the rainbow creeps up the filter paper!

    6) After the water has reached the outer edge of the filter paper, place it on a newspaper to dry.

    7) Once your rainbow filter paper is dry, it’s time to get crafty!

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    Most water-based markers use inks that are made of colored pigments and water. When you dip the paper in water, the dried pigments dissolve. As the water travels up the paper, it carries the pigments along with it. Different-colored pigments are carried along at different rates; some travel farther and faster than others so the black ink separates to reveal the colors that were mixed to make it.

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