Frozen Paint Popsicle

Make frozen paint popsicles for some painting fun with your little ones! ❄️🎨

What you need 

1. Liquid Tempera Paint

2. Ice-Cream Sticks

3. Ice Cube Trays*

*Alternative: Toilet Roll and Aluminium Foil 

Step by Step

1) Pour different colours of liquid tempera paint into each compartment of the ice cube tray

2) Put an ice-cream stick in each compartment. If the stick is too long, break it into half. 

3) Allow it to settle overnight in the freezer. 

4) To loosen the frozen paint popsicle from the tray, dip the bottom of it in warm water to loosen it up. 

5) Get creative and start painting! 



If you would like to create one RAINBOW paint popsicle instead of having multiple ones, follow these steps instead: 

1) Wrap aluminium foil to cover up one end of a toilet roll

2) Pour a thin layer of liquid tempera paint into the open end of the toilet roll. 

3) Layer the colours by pouring in different coloured liquid tempera paint until the toilet roll is three quarters full. 

4) Insert an ice-cream stick about half way into the toilet roll. 

5) Allow it to settle in the freezer overnight. 

6) When it is completely frozen, remove the aluminium foil and tear open the toilet roll to reveal your frozen rainbow paint popsicle inside!