Milk Rainbow Science Experiment

Grow a rainbow in your kitchen with 5 common items you can find in your home. Get hands-on and watch a rainbow unravel like magic with this simple science experiment! 

Milk Rainbow Science Experiment

What you need
Step by step
  • White plate or shallow bowl
  • Food colouring
  • Hand soap
  • Milk
  • White cloth


    1) Pour a small amount of milk onto the white plate or shallow bowl, just enough to line the bottom. 

    2) Drip a few drops of different food colouring all over the surface of the milk. Tip: Alternate different colours all over the surface and leave some space between drops for the best effect! 

    3) Fold the white cloth into half and roll it into a cylindrical shape.


    4) Dip the bottom of the wash cloth into some hand soap and place it soap side down into the center of the milk covered plate. 

    5) Watch the colours magically swirl together and move! Observe how the colours change as it is being absorbed by the bottom of the white cloth. 



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    How Does the Milk Rainbow Work? 

    The milk keeps the food colouring separated in small sections! When the soapy wash cloth is placed into the milk mixture, it absorbs and soaks up the milk and food colouring! 

    As the colouring travels up the white cloth, it looks like a rainbow is growing in front of your eyes, like magic!