Suggested Reading List

Here are lists of rainbow books specially curated to deepen your child’s learning of the rainbow theme.

Books on how rainbows are formed

  1. Rainbows (Nature's Light Show), by Kristen Rajczak
  2. Light Makes a Rainbow, by Sharon Coan
  3. Rainbow (Weather Ready-to-Reads), by Marion Dane Bauer

Books on colours of the rainbow

  1. What Makes a Rainbow?, by Betty Ann Schwartz
  2. Penguins Love Colors, by Sarah Aspinall
  3. Esther’s Rainbow by Kim Kane

Books on order of rainbow colours 

  1. Ruby’s Rainbow by Grosset & Dunlap
  2. Chasing Rainbows (Dr Seuss), by Tish Rabe
  3. Duckie’s Rainbow, by Frances Barry

Rainbow books that teach and inspire

  1. My Color Is Rainbow, by Agnes Hsu
  2. The Rainbow Book, by Kate Ohrt
  3. Eating the Rainbow, by Star Bright Books
  4. How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow, by Monica Sweeney