Suggested Reading List - Hello, Weatherman!

Are you interested to learn more about the weather with your little ones? 

📚 Early reading ignites creativity, sparks curiosity, and stimulates the imagination in young children. Reading is also a great way to help your child increase their vocabulary and improve their language skills. 

Here are some books you can consider to help you and your little one learn more about the weather. The best part is that you will be able to find them at the public libraries of National Library Board! 📖 For E-books, simply hop on to the National Library Board to borrow a digital copy! 

  • Experiments with Weather. By Mignonne Gunasekara (2022). 
  • Amazing Activities with Weather and Climate. By Anne O'Daly (1966). 
  • Super Simple Weather Projects: Science Activities for Future Meteorologists. By Jessie Alkire (2018). 
  • Oh Say, Can You Say What's The Weather Today?: All About Weather. By Rabe Tish (2019): E-Book
  • The World's Wildest Weather. By Laura K Murray (2022): E-Book
  • Weather Words and What They Mean (New Edition). By Gail Gibbons (2020): E-Book
  • Forecasting Weather. By Terri Sievert (2019): E-Book