It's Feeding Time!

What happens to food after we eat them? Find out through this fun activity!

What you need

1. Scissors

2. Cardboard box (You can recycle your Squizzel Box)

3. Marker and Colouring materials

4. Tape 

5. Cardstock paper


Follow the step-by-step video instructions here. 



Step by Step

1. Cut out the top flap of your Squizzel Box.

2. Cut out the 2 sections (Squizzel's head and the side flap) as shown in the video.

3. Cut out Squizzel's mouth (We cut out a rectangle - you can cut out a semi-circle shape if you like.) And position on the base of the Squizzel Box.

4. Draw Squizzel's body and cut two holes on the box - one corresponding to Squizzel's mouth and one for the "exit" at the bottom.

5. Cut cardstock paper into small squares (enough to fit into Squizzel's mouth). 

6. Draw the foods you want to feed Squizzel on each food card. You can draw as many as you like!

7. Draw the "end product" on the reserve side of the card.

8. Colour to make it look appetizing!

9. Position the side flap diagonally behind the box to form a slide. Ensure that the food can slide down and out through the "exit" hole. (Some trial and error positioning may be required here).

10. Now, Squizzel is ready to eat!


1. You may want to cut a bigger exit hole (than the mouth) so that the cards can fall through easily. 

2. Do not get discouraged if the cards get stuck. Reposition your slide. Ensure that the passage out is smooth. 

3. Alternatively,  you can always print out food graphics if you're too busy to draw. :)

Have fun! 


Get your hands on the Healthy Eating box and learn about the food that goes into your body through fun activities. Be prepared to be amazed by some "food magic"!