Microgreen recipes

Are your microgreens from the Healthy Eating box ready for harvest? You can sprinkle your microgreens on your daily meals. Do you need some inspiration for something different?

Here are some great recipes we found online! Click on the headings to access the recipes!

1. Wild rice salad


2. Microgreen salad


3.Sunflower guacamole (use your microgreens to replace the sunflower microgreens)

Other ideas:

4) Sushi roll with microgreens as antenna

5) Garlic and lemon pasta with microgreens

6) Baked potato with microgreens

7) Microgreens with your favourite soup

8) Garlic and lemon pasta with microgreens

9) Microgreen with pancakes

10) grilled hamburger with BBQ sauce, feta cheese, black pepper with your microgreens

Simply add a dash for more flavour and nutrition! Share pictures of your creation with us on Facebook or Instagram!