3 Reasons Why Thematic Learning?


Thematic learning in early childhood education allows your child to develop a wide variety of skillsets by framing learning within a theme. Here are three reasons why thematic learning is beneficial for your child.

1) Learning occurs more naturally, instead of in a fragmented way. With a natural flow of exploration, children enjoy themselves and are able to focus better on different tasks. 

2) Children build their knowledge on prior experiences and are able to retain new information better by forging stronger links to what they already know. When children explore recurring themes though a multidisciplinary approach, they are able to internalise better and understanding becomes deeper.

3) This integrated approach provides young children a variety of ways to learn to suit different learning styles. Children with a variety of interests can explore the themes through music, singing, dancing, performing in a play, crafts or hands on experiments. Research has also shown that thematic learning helps to develop stronger concentration skills and raises children with a longer attention span.  

Thematic learning takes place over a period of time so that your child can take time to explore the multitude of topics and activities related to the theme. 

Each month, Squizzel Box explores a different theme through 10 thoughtfully curated fun-filled activities that you can take time to do with your child. Developed in consultation with teachers, the play-based activities are designed to help children learn and hone the 7 key developmental skills vital in preschool education - cognitive development, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, social & emotional development, discovery of the world and aesthetics & creative expression.

What's more, extension activities to extend your child's learning will also be shared on our blog from time to time.

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