3 tips on how you can get your children to wash their hands properly

We all know the steps to wash our hands the right way. However, some children find hand washing a chore and have the tendency to rush or forget to wash their hands. 

To ensure that our children wash their hands properly, you can get them to sing "Happy Birthday" twice. Through this, they are more aware of the washing duration required to keep their hands free of germs.

Here are 3 more tips to encourage your children to wash their hands properly.

1) Make the basin accessible to them

Put a stool near the basin so that they are able to reach the basin easily. 

2) Make handwashing fun

Create a checklist. Children love ticking off checklists - think scavenger hunt 😁. They can learn the names of the different parts of the hand while completing their "challenge". You can print out the one below! 

3) Make handwashing a routine

Children work well with routines in place. Get them to wash their hands after activities such as playing with pets, playing with toys, coughing, and before eating. 

 Do try out these simple strategies with your children and it will go a long way in keeping them safe and healthy.

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